FBW Consulting

If you are a real estate agency with no international marketing expert, you are at the right spot.

Our business is focused on helping clients reach the international property market to secure more listings (or mandates) and make more sales.

Our expertise is on the construction of digital strategies to reach foreign buyers. From the selection of which property portals to work with, to the SEM and SEO strategy to adopt, we know how to make your real estate agency more successful at attracting international buyers to your business.

Do you need advice on how to deal with international buyers ? Here again, we can help you. We have collected and observed how hundreds of real estate agencies respond to enquiries from international buyers. There are best practices, and we will share that with you.

Team FBW

Geoffroy Reiser is an expert in international marketing strategies. As Director of Business Development at ListGlobally, he is rich of four years of experience making deals with leading property portals around the globe, as well as helping leading real estate brands improve and rethink their international marketing strategies.