Top 20 real estate developers in Spain

The crisis is over!

Spanish real estate developers can be happy. Indeed, sales of new homes grew 11.1% in 2018. This is the biggest increase in 10 years. Also, it confirms the improvement of the new construction sector.

Graphically, in green you can see the number of sales of new homes (“vivienda nueva”), as well as existing homes (“2nda mano”). Clearly, the Spanish real estate market is feeling better.

Who are the top 20 real estate developers in Spain?

Let’s name the biggest developers in Spain. First, we find Metrovacesa, a real estate developer who belongs to several Spanish banks (Santander, BBVA and Banco Popular). Between 2018 and 2020, Metrovacesa is expected to build 12,600 homes. Together with Neinor, AEDAS, Vía Célere, Corp and Pryconsa, Metrovacesa is the only developer that already owns all the necessary land required to develop these homes.

See below the top 20 developers in Spain between 2018 and 2020. It ranks them by the number of homes they are expected to build.

Neinor Homes (Lone Star), Aedas Homes (Castlelake), Via Célere (Värde), and AELCA (Värde) complete the top five positions of the ranking.

Foreign buyers and New Homes is a good match!

Did you know that foreigners represent 75% of the new home buyers (“Obra Nueva”) in Costa del Sol? This should increase even more, as last year 12.4 million tourists visited Malaga, beating the previous record.

Therefore, if you are a real estate developer, think about marketing your properties to foreign buyers! And if you are a buyer, looking for quality developers, finding the developers which can best suit your needs is of course a top priority.

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