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Want to sell more properties? Then you are on the right website.

Sellers – our services for Private Owners

  1. Find a good real estate agent to sell your home
  2. Advertise your property globally in 60+ countries for €50 per month

Sellers – our services for Real Estate Agents

Advertise your properties globally

  1. Advertise one property globally in 60+ countries for €50 per month (via ListGlobally)
  2. Advertise several properties globally in 60+ countries from €72 per month (via ListGlobally)
  3. Advertise globally via Green Acres and get your first 20 leads for free
  4. Advertise via other leading property portals

Improve the SEO of your website

  1. Improve the SEO of your website by publishing great content: real estate articles, neighborhood guides. We can write them for you.
  2. Get your business listed in our directory

Consulting and Coaching

We help real estate agencies sell more properties. Here are some of our most recent missions:

  1. Consulting mission to help sell more properties to foreign buyers
  2. Conference speaker & Coaching: digital marketing for real estate
  3. SEO: writing articles for the blog of real estate agencies

Tell us about your needs

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Services for buyers

If you want to buy a real estate property:

  • Go to the directory of contacts (estate agents, property finders, lawyers, mortgage brokers)
  • Check out the sitemap of this website to find interesting articles